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What This Site Is All About   This site is dedicated to uplift your heart and soul through faith and words. We have taken some of the best loved and cherished poems, legends and stories and placed them here on the internet in the glory of God, our Father for the world to see. Please share this site with your friends so they may be touch and uplifted as you have been.    If you would like to advertise on our site to help pay the costs associated with this site please contact us. We would be happy to work with you in designing your ad for this site as well as others we operate. Our ads start at less than .80 cents a day! Plus, we design your ad FREE!
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Defining Moment of ...    Success
JELLY BEAN PRAYER Red is for the blood He gave. Green is for the grass He made. Yellow is for the sun so bright.  Orange is for the edge of night. Black is for the sins we made. White is for the grace He made. Purple is for His hour of sorrow. Pink is for our new tomorrow. A JAR OF JELLY BEANS SO COLORFUL  AND SWEET IS A PRAYER, IS A PROMISE IS A LOVED ONES TREAT !!! ... Dickson's
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212°: The Extra Degree
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